Burrow Furniture Quality: Is It Worth It?

Burrow reviews

Burrow was founded by classmates Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra in 2016. Their main goal was to reinvent the way people furnish their homes. Guys at Burrow make quality, long-lasting furniture that can work in various settings thanks to its modular design.

The company uses sustainably forested wood and strengthened steel hardware to ensure durable performance. Therefore, Burrow clients don’t usually have quality complaints.

Additionally, the company was mentioned by such trustworthy sources as Business Insider, CNN, The Spruce, Men’s Health, The Strategist by New York Magazine, and more. Needless to say, Burrow is worth buying from.

“Our primary goal at Burrow is to end the compromise between quality and convenience. We create furniture that makes life easier with our easy-to-move modular design; but also furniture that will stand the test of time both in terms of style and durability.”

Stephen Kuhl CEO, Burrow

Burrow Customer Reviews & Ratings

The majority of Burrow reviews are gathered on the company’s official website. Shoppers might be happy to know that the company has an overall rating of 4.7 stars.

The first thing most customers notice when they receive Burrow furniture is the quality – “The leather is beautiful, soft, and wonderful quality. It’s comfortable in a supportive way and feels very sturdy.”

Additionally, the majority of Burrow customers note that the furniture assembly process is easy and stress-free (unlike with many other companies):

“The packaging and assembly experience was top notch. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and it came together easily.” (source)

Shoppers also appreciate how thoroughly Burrow packages the orders. Everything arrives intact, compact, and without any extra plastic.

Of course, there are also a few unhappy customers. Some mention occasional delivery delays, others note that some of the Burrow sofas were not as comfortable as they expected. Here’s the deal, though: Burrow uses quality foam for the couch cushions. Therefore, it feels supportive instead of

letting the body sink deep into the cushions (like most low-quality sofas do). This support level can be unexpected for some shoppers. But those who want a long-lasting piece of furniture would appreciate sturdier cushions.

Arch Nomad Sofa Sectional

burrow sofa review

This sectional, modular sofa is one of the company’s best sellers. And there are many reasons for that. The Nomad Sofa is a furniture piece that can work in any interior and pretty much any room setup. Users can move the chaise to any seat, ensuring the Nomad fits their environment perfectly. Plus, it is available in a variety of colors and arm styles.

This model is made using quality milled Baltic birch, steel pins, galvanized latches, stain-resistant upholstery, and three-layer foam cushion filling. Needless to say, the Nomad was built to last.

Arch Nomad Leather Sofa

Burrow Leather Sofa review

The Nomad leather sofa is the embodiment of elegance and style. It looks sleek and sophisticated, with a modern shape and details. Plus, this model by Burrow is very comfortable. Shoppers especially like the wide cushions that make the Nomad leather sofa ideal for both lounging in front of the TV and napping.

Additionally, customers are happy about the fact that this leather couch is pet-friendly – “It is very comfortable and most importantly, the leather quality is good. I have a 15 lbs active terrier mix who is constantly up and down the sofa; no scratches, yet.”

Nomad Velvet Sofa with Chaise

burrow couch reviews

The Nomad Velvet Sofa is a simple yet stylish piece ideal for someone who wants to lounge comfortably. This model comes with a reversible chaise, so the Nomad can be tailored to one’s room setup. It is available in 5 color variations. All of them are somewhat diluted, which would allow shoppers to incorporate this velvet sofa in any interior style.

This sofa has an extra-wide seating area and tall back cushions. It does take a bit more space in the room but also offers more space to lounge. Additionally, the Nomad Velvet Sofa doesn’t seem bulky. It can be an excellent compromise for minimalism fans who want something a bit more grand-looking.

Arch Nomad King Sectional

burrow sectional review

This model truly has a royal appearance. The Arch Nomad King Sectional is big, comfy, elegant, and sturdy. This is a perfect sofa for the whole family and larger living rooms. The chaise can be moved in this model as well, making the Arch Nomad very versatile in use.

Another reason why this model is ideal for families is its stain-resistant upholstery:

“We had a friend spill wine on our couch literally the weekend we received it and the stain came out so easily. I also have 3 dogs and their fur doesn’t show up on the light grey color at all.”

Customizable Sleeper Sofas

Burrow Customizable Sleeper Sofas review

Ideal for smaller spaces, the Nomad Sleepers have a two-in-one design and are suited for both lounging and sleep. This model is available in leather (3 colors) and fabric upholstery (5 colors). Therefore, there’s a perfect style for every user and interior.

The sleeper sofas by Burrow are generously stuffed. Therefore, their cushions can deliver optimal support during sleep, making sure that users wake up refreshed and without any painful pressure points. For maximum comfort, shoppers can also get Burrow’s sleep kit (that includes a comfy memory foam topper).

Arch Nomad Club Chair with Ottoman

Burrow Arch Nomad Club Chair with Ottoman review

Guys at Burrow know how to create an exceptionally comfy lounging spot even when there’s not enough space for a couch. This overstuffed chair with tall armrests and a comfy ottoman for leg support is proof of that.

The Nomad Club Chair uses smooth, soft leather upholstery. Therefore, it’s not afraid of occasional spills and stains and makes a perfect spot for lounging with a cup of coffee. It also has a USB charger so that users could keep their devices on hand.

Burrow vs Campaign Sofa

Campaign and Burrow sofas look alike at the first glance. However, some Burrow reviews mention that the company’s famous Nomad sofa has a sleeker look and more generously stuffed cushions for increased support.

On the other hand, the Campaign sofa comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, while Burrow offers only 1- year manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranties for an extra cost. While this most certainly doesn’t mean that Burrow sofas are of lower quality, buying from Campaign would be more suited for hesitant shoppers who want to ensure their peace of mind.

Capsule Verso vs Burrow

Verso is one of the most popular sofas by Capsule that may show a little resemblance with the Nomad by Burrow.

However, despite somewhat similar looks, Capsule and Burrow sofas have more differences, and quality is the most important one. Guys at Burrow use solid wood for the frame, while Capsule combines both solid and manufactured food.

Additionally, Capsule Verso has softer cushions that provide a bit less support. While this might seem more comfortable, it’s worth mentioning that soft cushions usually don’t last that long.

Burrow Serif Coffee Table

Burrow Serif Coffee Table

Aside from a wide variety of beautiful dining tables, Burrow also offers smaller coffee tables, and the Serif is one of the most popular models. This table has a very modern shape and a universal design that would easily blend with almost any other furniture.

The company uses solid wood for the Serif, just like the rest of its furniture. Therefore, this coffee table can promise reliability in use and long-lasting performance. Even if users have to switch homes, the Serif table will be there. This model is extremely easy to take apart, which can come in handy when transporting the furniture.

Cape House Rug

Cape House Rug

The Cape rug is available in four sizes so that shoppers could fit it in their space easily. Burrow uses recycled polyester for this rug. Therefore, this model is a breeze to clean and does not allow the stains to settle that easily.

This is a flat-weave carpet, which means a thinner, vacuum-friendly construction. The Cape rug is available in dark and light gray colors, which makes it ideal for all minimalism fans and those who like Scandinavian interiors.

Burrow Prairie Modern Rug

The Prairie rug can be a great addition for someone who wants to spruce up their room a little. This model won’t look overpowering among other furniture pieces but can easily make the room look fresher and warmer. Its unique pattern can even serve as a statement piece in the room, especially if the furniture around is in neutral colors.

The Prairie rug is made with recycled polyester, so Burrow keeps its sustainability promise. This model also features low-pile tufting, so it’s easy to vacuum. It comes in four sizes (including a runner), which means the Prairie can suit almost any room or furniture setup.

Burrow Shipping Policy

Burrow offers free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States. Now, because the company makes custom furniture, shoppers typically have to wait for a bit before their sofas, tables, and other pieces are built and shipped.

For instance, seating furniture typically takes around 4-6 weeks to arrive. Most tables, rugs, and accessories take around 4-10 business days to arrive.

However, the final delivery date will depend on the collection and the destination.

Shoppers will see the estimated delivery date during the checkout or on the product page under the “Add to Cart” button. Therefore, shoppers can find out how much they’ll need to wait even before finalizing their purchase.

Burrow Return Policy

Most items by Burrow come with a 30-day return window. Now, the company charges a 10% return shipping fee if the original packaging is intact. If shoppers don’t have the packaging anymore, Burrow will deduct 20% from the refund sum. By offering such conditions, the company encourages recycling. If shoppers keep the packaging and send it back, they pay less for shipping and help reduce waste. It’s a win-win for everyone!

If items arrive damaged or with manufacturing defects, the returns are free. However, shoppers need to keep the original packaging.

To initiate a return, users need to contact the company via email support@burrow.com.

Now, Burrow also offers free exchanges (one-time). This service applies to the same value products. Additionally, all exchanges have to be made with the original packaging preserved. However, shoppers need to keep in mind that exchanges are final and non-returnable.

Burrow Discounts and Promotions

At the time of writing this Burrow review, the company was offering free shipping on all orders, free swatches, and financing via Affirm to help shoppers reduce some stress from their budget.

Additionally, Burrow has an ongoing referral program. Shoppers can earn a $50 Amazon gift card for every person that makes their first purchase with Burrow via a personal link. The purchase has to be over $300, though. However, they will get $75 off their first order.

Product List


  • Sofas & Loveseats
  • Sectionals
  • Armchairs & Ottomans
  • Sleepers
  • Leather Seating
  • Velvet Seating


  • Coffee Tables
  • Side Tables
  • Benches & Carts


  • Credenzas & Media Storage
  • Carts & Trays
  • Wall Shelves

Home Office

  • Desks
  • Wall Shelves
  • Seating
  • Credenzas & Media Storage
  • Lighting


Is Burrow a legit company?

Yes, Burrow has tons of reviews on its official website and was mentioned by many reputable sources (CNN, Business Insider, New York Magazine, and more). It’s a legitimate company that is safe to buy from.

Is Burrow’s sofa modular?

Yes, it is possible to change the setup of Burrow’s sofas by adding or moving some of the components. This makes Burrow furniture suitable for almost any home.

Can you sleep on a Burrow sofa?

Yes, especially if you pick Burrow’s Sleeper Sofa. The company generously stuffs the couch cushions, so they can provide enough support and comfortable cradling for sleep.

Is the Burrow sofa comfortable?

Yes, Burrow sofas are famous for their wide cushions that offer extra lounging space. Additionally, they use quality filling that feels comfortable yet supportive (which means you won’t feel swallowed by the cushions).

Is the Burrow Nomad sectional reversible?

Yes, the chaise is reversible in the Nomad sectional by Burrow. Therefore, shoppers can move it to either side of the sofa or even in the middle if needed.

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Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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