Is Blueland Legit?

Blueland Reviews

If you aren’t really familiar with the Blueland brand, it’s natural to worry whether it’s a legitimate company. Here’s the deal, though: Bluelend is legit, so there’s no need to worry when purchasing their products.

Is Blueland A Good Company To Buy From & Worth It?

Blueland Soap is a company founded by Sarah Paiji Yoo, whose main goal is to reduce plastic use and protect our environment.

The company makes refillable, durable, safe cleaning bottles and eco-friendly cleaning products. They include laundry detergents, household cleaners, hand wash, dish soap, and other products that do not contain phosphates, VOCs, or ammonia.

So, if you wish to become more environmentally-conscious, Blueland soap might be worth a try. Most users agree that the company’s products are rather effective and can deal with certain household tasks even better than regular cleaners.

At the same time, the effectiveness of the products may depend on what they are dealing with. So it’s really one of those situations where you never know until you try.

However, given the goal of the company and the overwhelming majority of happy customers, it’s safe to assume that Blueland Soap products are worth buying.



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Blueland Quality Review

Blueland Review

Because the company uses natural components in their cleaning solutions, one can’t help but wonder: do Bluelad products work? And the short answer is: yes, but it would depend on what they have to be dealing with.

Allow me to explain.

Because Blueland products do not contain any harsh components (such as ammonia or chlorine, for example), they might not be as effective with stubborn or super-old stains.

Additionally, because the brand uses safe and natural components, some of its products may lack disinfecting properties (which should be especially crucial for the Bathroom Cleaner).

However, if you take regular use and your typical cleaning routine, the Blueland Soap products do their job effectively and responsibly, so to say. Users note that some of the products work even better than the old traditional cleaners they used to buy. Many shoppers also appreciate the color-coded design, which makes organizing the products much easier.

Blueland Customer Service Reviews & Ratings

Blueland Soap Review

Just like with any other product on the market, the Blueland brand has mixed reviews that include positive praises and negative comments.

However, the number of positive reviews is significantly higher. Most users agree that the company’s approach to plastic reduction is quite convenient, as they experience less clutter in their homes.

Additionally, the effectiveness of the products is probably the main idea that unites all the positive reviews. “Convenient, it works, it smells good, and it’s good for the environment. Can’t beat that!”

Countless customers also appreciate the natural composition of the Blueland products. “No fumes, which was great! Only problem is I have to use more of the product to clean surfaces.”

As you can see, the absence of harsh chemicals might result in increased product use, especially when dealing with slightly more serious stains.

Most negative reviews express the same thought – because Blueland products aren’t as strong as harsher (traditional) options on the market, they might not be able to deal with all kinds of cleaning situations.

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Blueland Pros & Cons

Blueland Reviews

The next important section of our Blueland Soap review is the list of pros and cons, to help you understand better whether it’s worth your money or not.


  • Reusable cleaning bottles that can decrease the clutter in your home (and potentially, reduce plastic pollution)
  • Safe (certified), natural components and no fumes during cleaning, suited even for delicate skin and users who are sensitive to odors
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Affordably priced
  • Convenient subscription service available, where you can receive your Blueland products monthly or every 2, 3, and 4 months
  • 10% off for subscribers, great value for money
  • Eco-friendly packaging on all orders (recyclable boxes, compostable refill packaging, water-based inks, paper-based tape, and no single-use plastic)
  • Steel tins for laundry and dishwasher tablets that protect against humidity and thus, can extend the life of the products
  • Free shipping across the US on orders over $35
  • Afterpay on orders over $50


  • Products don’t have antibacterial or disinfectant properties, which could be an issue in certain situations (for bathroom cleaning, for example)
  • Not 100% natural components, synthetic ingredients are present as well
  • The company ships within the US only (including Alaska and Hawaii, though)
  • Some of the tablets may take a while to dissolve properly
  • You might need to use more product than with traditional cleaners
  • Some of the scents might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Some of the products are not strong enough to deal with serious stains

Blueland Clean Essentials Review

Blueland Clean Essentials

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We want to include the Clean Essentials kit in this Blueland Soap review because this set is among the company’s best sellers.

Just like the rest of the products, the Clean Essentials set does not contain potentially harmful ingredients, chlorine bleach, parabens, phthalates, ammonia, phosphates, or VOCs.

The kit includes 4 essential cleaners that can be a good solution if you want to get started and test some of the most popular Blueland products.

One of the reviews says, “I was skeptical on how well it would clean since I have a one-year-old and he makes the craziest messes, but it really works!”

This means the Clean Essentials offers great value for money, as each of the products is effective and can help you deal with your essential cleaning needs.

The Clean Essentials might be a good solution if you want to cover the basics in your home but don’t wish to spend too much on the product you aren’t familiar with yet.

The Clean Essentials kit by Blueland includes:

  • Foaming Hand Soap (1 reusable glass bottle and 1 hand soap with Iris Agave scent)
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner (a reusable spray bottle, 1 cleaner tablet in Fresh Lemon scent)
  • Bathroom Cleaner (1 reusable spray bottle, 1 tablet in Eucalyptus Mint scent)
  • Glass + Mirror Cleaner (1 reusable spray bottle and 1 fragrance-free tablet)

The Clean Essentials costs $39 for a one-time purchase, but you can get 10% off by subscribing.

The Blueland Clean Suite Review

Blueland Clean Suite Kit

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The Clean Suite includes the full lineup of Blueland cleaning products, which makes it one of the brand’s largest kits. There are products meant to cover every room in your home, so the Clean Suite is very likely to meet your everyday cleaning needs.

Each product is non-toxic and doesn’t contain potentially harmful substances or harsh chemicals. The ingredients are also gluten-, soy-, and nut-free.

The Clean Suite by Blueland includes 7 pieces:

  • Foaming Hand Soap (a reusable glass bottle and a foaming hand soap tablet)
  • Laundry Detergent (a steel tin for storage, 40 fragrance-free tablets)
  • Powder Dish Soap (a reusable silicone shaker, fragrance-free powder dish soap)
  • Dishwasher Detergent (a steel storage tin and 40 fragrance-free dishwasher tablets)
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner (a reusable spray bottle and 1 tablet with Fresh Lemon scent)
  • Bathroom Cleaner (1 reusable spray bottle, 1 tablet with Eucalyptus Mint scent)
  • Glass + Mirror Cleaner (a reusable spray bottle and 1 fragrance-free tablet)
  • The Clean Suite costs $83 if it’s a one-time purchase and $74 with the subscription (10% off).

Blueland Hand Soap Review

The Hand Soap Starter Set has more than 13 thousand reviews on the company’s page, so it’s safe to say Blueland hand soap is a popular product. And there’s a reason for that.

Since hand soap is a product that runs out pretty fast in every household, it’s hard to underestimate Blueland’s convenient service.

The company sends multiple refills (hand soap tablets) in one order, so you don’t have to waste your time driving to the store to get more hand soap. Plus, you won’t be likely to ever run out of hand wash thanks to timely deliveries.

Now, what makes the Blueland Soap stand out is its balanced pH. It leaves the skin soft and doesn’t dry it out. Some users are concerned by the fact that Blueland doesn’t use any antibacterial components in their hand soaps, but the company notes that “the surfactants in the hand soap help wash away bacteria and viruses”.

Most reviewers note that the soap works well and can be a good substitution for traditional products. Many users also agree that this soap is very gentle on the skin – “I love how it washes my hands and they seem very soft after using!”

The Hand Soap Starter Set includes:

  • One reusable glass bottle
  • 3 refill tablets (Agave, Perrine Lemon, and Lavender Eucalyptus scents)

The set is priced at $16. However, the 10% subscription discount does not apply to this particular kit.

Blueland Laundry Starter Set Review

Blueland Laundry Starter Set

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“All power, no plastic” – that’s how the company describes their Laundry Starter Set. Their gentle laundry detergent doesn’t contain polyvinyl alcohol, petroleum, bleach, or potential allergens, which means it’s safe for both you and your clothes.

The Blueland laundry tablets are suitable for cotton, denim, linen, Tencel, rayon, acetate, and polyester. Basically, with just one product, you can take care of your whole wardrobe (except for the shoes).

The set, just like other Blueland products, supports the company’s main idea: reducing the amount of single-use plastic in our households. That’s why each refill tablet comes in compostable paper pouches. For storage, the company uses a stylish tin that will serve you for a long time and potentially, can save a lot of space in your bathroom.

Some users note that the Blueland Laundry Starter tablets don’t always dissolve fully in the washing machine (particularly because they can get stuck in the door of the front-loading washers).

However, this issue is hard to call a regular occurrence, as the majority of positive reviews do not mention any issues with dissolving the tablets.

Keep in mind that the laundry tablets by Bluesoap are not scented. Some reviewers agree with one main thought “Love the concept but I wish the tablets had just a slight scent.”

So, if you are used to scented fresh laundry, you might have to use extra products, which kind of defeats the purpose of the company (as those scented products will be packaged in single-use plastic, in most cases).

One review says “They dissolve well in my washing machine, love the no plastic packaging just would like a little more cleaning power.” I

The Blueland Laundry Starter Set includes:

  • One steel tin
  • 40 laundry tablets (fragrance-free)

The set comes at $18. As for the 10% subscription discount, it’s not available for this particular Blueland kit.

The Blueland Dish Duo Review

The Blueland Dish Duo

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The Dish Duo set is ideal for those who prefer to do both: use a machine and do the dishes by hand. It’s a two-in-one deal that you get for a good price while protecting the environment.

Plus, the detergents are safe: they don’t contain petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, phthalates, or ammonia. The Dish Duo was designed to clean dishware, porcelain, glassware, and silver.

The Blueland Dish Duo has 76% of 5-star reviews on the company’s page, which can be a good indication of this product’s effectiveness. Some negative reviews mention that “the powder finishes pretty quickly”, so you might have to go through more of the product than you usually do with traditional dishwashing liquids.

The Dish Duo set includes:

  • 1 reusable silicone shaker for the dish soap
  • Powder dish soap (fragrance-free)
  • 1 steel tin for tablet storage
  • 40 dishwasher tablets (fragrance-free)

The set costs $34 for a one-time purchase or $32 with the subscription discount (10% off).

Blueland Promotions & Discounts



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The Blueland company offers 10% off your purchase if you order with the subscription. However, the discount does not apply to some of the products available on the company’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Blueland Soap made?

All Blueland tablets and cleaning powders are developed and made in the US. Their reusable bottles are designed in the US but manufactured in China.

How well do Blueland products work?

Most of the customers note that Blueland products work pretty well and can cover the majority of your cleaning needs. Some of the products may not be strong enough for more serious types of mess, but for a routine cleaning, they should suffice.

Does Blueland soap kill germs?

Blueland products do not contain any antibacterial components, so they aren’t likely to kill germs. However, the company notes that their formula can help wash away bacteria and viruses.

Does Blueland cleaner disinfect?

Due to their mostly natural and 100% safe composition, Blueland cleaners do not have disinfecting properties. That being said, the company claims that their products were designed to help wash the bacteria away.

Is Blueland safe to use?

Because Blueland products are made without VOCs (volatile organic compounds), they are safe to use. They also don’t contain harsh ingredients or strong chemicals, so Blueland is safe to be used around pets, children, and pregnant or nursing women. However, the company still recommends speaking with your physician before use.

Is Blueland good for the environment?

As this company’s main goal is to reduce single-use plastic, it’s safe to say that Blueland is good for the environment. The company helps reduce plastic pollution and also uses recyclable or compostable packaging.

Did Blueland get a deal on Shark Tank?

The company made an appearance on Shark Tank in 2019 (premiere episode of Season 11) and landed a deal with Kevin O’Leary.

How long do Blueland tablets last?

Blueland cleaning solutions were designed to last as long as the equivalent quantity of traditional cleaning products. However, how long one bottle is going to last would also depend on how often you do the cleaning, the size of your home and family, and how much product you prefer to use for each cleaning session.

How to refill Blueland products?

The company recommends finishing the product first and rinsing the bottle with clean water before making a new solution. Next, to refill your Blueland bottle, you need to fill it with warm water to the marked line, drop the tablet in, and wait for a few minutes. You don’t have to shake the bottle, as the tablets were designed to dissolve on their own.

How long does Blueland soap take to ship?

Depending on where you live, Blueland products usually take up to 7-10 business days to arrive. The company typically ships 2-3 business days after they receive the order. If you happen to place your order before 2 pm EST, it is shipped out on the same day. If not, it’s usually shipped out the next day.

How much is Blueland worth?

The Clean Essentials kit costs $39 (without the subscription discount) and contains all the basic necessities for cleaning. The hand soap refill packs cost $6 for 3 tablets. The laundry refill tablets cost $14 (for 40 pieces). Overall, most reviews note that Blueland products are reasonably priced and offer a good value.

How much is Blueland shipping?

Blueland offers free shipping on orders over $35. For any order less than $35, the fee is as follows:

  • $0.99 for orders that include just the cleaning tablet and soap refill packs
  • $1.99 for orders that include Dish Soap or Dishwasher Refill Packets (with or without Blueland cleaning soap or tablet refill packs)
  • $3.99 for orders that include a Starter Set or Kit

Gift cards or donations do not count towards the order total to qualify for free shipping.

What is Blueland’s Return Policy?

The company offers free returns on orders within 30 days after they have been shipped out. The returns must be received within 60 days after you are issued the return label instructions. If you aren’t satisfied with Blueland products, you need to contact the company at They will help you through the process.

To be eligible for a return, the product must be returned to the company unused and in the same condition you received it. Don’t forget to add the receipt or other proof of purchase.

After the company inspects the product (and if you are approved for the refund), you will receive the money on your original form of payment (typically within 5-7 business days).

How to Contact Blueland?

If you want to reach out to the company, they can be contacted by:
Contact Us form on company’s website
Text: 779-242-2525

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