What Is Bellhop: Is It a Legit Moving Company?


I’ve heard a lot about Bellhop and always wondered what made this moving service so popular. Turns out, Bellhop is a legitimate company that has gathered a trustworthy team to help countless customers move. Additionally, Bellhop is one of the most flexible moving companies I have encountered. It covers various plans and works efficiently, making this service worth trying out.

I’d also like to mention that Bellhop can boast of over 8K followers on Instagram, more than 22K followers on Facebook, and thousands of happy reviews. Now, I am one of Bellhop’s customers, so allow me to share some info to help you understand this company better (and whether it’s worth your money).

What Type of Moving Services Does Bellhop Provide?

Bellhop offers multiple services. They include:

  • local moving
  • long-distance moving
  • apartment moving
  • hourly labor
  • last-minute moving
  • self-storage
  • commercial moving

How Much Does Bellhop Moving Cost?

Bellhop review

The company has a handy calculator on its official website. It can help potential customers figure out how much they will need to spend on their move considering all the details.

Long-distance moves typically cost around $1,000 and more.

Full-service local moves that include a truck rental cost:

  • $300-600 for a studio apartment
  • $400-650 for a one-bedroom apartment
  • $500-850 for two bedrooms
  • $600-1,150 for three bedrooms
  • around $850-1,350 for four and more bedrooms

Bellhop also offers labor-only moving services that are a bit cheaper:

  • $150-300 for a studio apartment
  • $200-350 for a one-bedroom apartment
  • $250-450 for a two-bedroom apartment
  • $300-550 for three bedrooms
  • $350-800 for four and more bedrooms

Bellhop states that the company offers competitive prices. However, it might be difficult to prove this point, as each move is different and involves multiple aspects that may affect the price. That being said, I have spent slightly less money with Bellhop than with most of the competitors I’ve tried before.

I also feel like Bellhop offers better value for money than many similar companies.

Bellhop Booking Process

My experience with Bellhop was smooth and stress-free. The whole booking process is pretty straightforward and involves several steps.

First, you need to request a quote. You can do it over the phone or online. If you decide to do it online, you will need to fill in the required details.

Bellhop has a handy dashboard that’s super-easy to navigate.

Next, you will receive an estimate for the services. If you need to book a long-distance move, Bellhop will also provide you with a guaranteed quote, which will ensure your service price won’t change.

Finally, you will need to reserve your moving date. And here’s the best news: from the moment you confirm the date, Bellhop’s team will help you prepare for your move by sharing helpful tips. And things get even better: the company schedules moves with as little as one day’s notice.

It’s also worth mentioning that you will be charged a deposit (10% of your estimated cost) 48 hours after booking the move. If you book the services for a date earlier than that, your deposit will be charged right after booking.

The rest of the sum will be placed on hold two days before the move. And the final total will be charged 48 hours after the move is complete. This way, Bellhop ensures every customer’s peace of mind. No one has to pay upfront without knowing how efficient the service will be.

Does Bellhop Serve All States in the US?

Bellhop is currently available in 26 states only. The areas where Bellhop operates include:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Does Bellhop Accept Digital Payments?

Yes, customers can pay for Bellhop’s services using Apple Pay and Google Pay. The company also accepts all major credit cards.

Does Bellhop Provide Trucks and Moving Equipment?

Yes, Bellhop has several truck moving packages. The company also provides a driver, a set of needed tools, and blankets that can be used to wrap or pad the furniture. That being said, the company does not offer packing services. Therefore, customers will have to pack everything prior to the move.

Can Bellhop Outfit My Move With More Than One Truck?

Yes. If needed, Bellhop will outfit your move with more than one truck and a driver for each of them.

Is There Anything That Bellhop Moving Cannot Move?

Yes. The items that Bellhop can’t move include:

  • items that weigh more than 300 pounds
  • items that exceed the clearance of doorways, hallways, or stairways
  • perishable items
  • drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • items prohibited by law
  • flammable liquids, weapons, or explosives
  • anything that would put the safety of the crew, the truck, the customer, or the customer’s things at risk.

Does Bellhop Provide Insurance to Protect My Belongings?

Yes. Bellhop customers can purchase the moving insurance to take care of their belongings in case anything goes wrong. The insurance can be purchased up until the day of the move. It covers all standard items and pieces of furniture but does not apply to antiques.

Bellhop Pros & Cons


  • offers a wide range of services and packages, including customizable ones. Therefore, it’s very likely Bellhop will meet almost every customer’s needs
  • smooth booking process with handy online tools and a convenient website, making sure customers can enjoy a stress-free experience
  • professional teams, company representatives, and drivers to ensure top-quality service (offering great value for money compared to many competitors)
  • guarantees fixed-price quotes, so customers won’t be surprised with any hidden or unexpected fees


  • isn’t available in all states, so some customers will have to look for alternatives
  • doesn’t move extra-large and heavy items (like pianos, for example), which may limit some customers

Verdict: Is Bellhop Service Worth The Money?

After moving my condo with Bellhop, I can surely say that the company’s services are worth the money. My experience with Bellhop was incredibly smooth, from the moment I booked my move until my stuff was at my new place. The Bellhop team handled every process along the way professionally, which proves that the company stands behind its services. Therefore, they are certainly worth trying.

Real Bellhop Customer Reviews

There are plenty of Bellhop reviews online that can help you make up your mind on whether to trust the company or not. For instance, Bellhop has over 1,200 reviews on Facebook with an average rating of 4.1 stars. The company also has more than 3K customer reports on TrustPilot, with an average 4.4-star rating.

Positive Experiences

“Bellhop is very client-oriented. The company representatives and moving teams are incredibly attentive and highly professional. They handled my possessions with great care, trying to wrap and protect even the smallest bits”.

“Bellhop representatives are highly punctual, making the whole moving experience much smoother. They arrived earlier and had some time to prepare and introduce themselves. Additionally, I appreciate how the company always kept me up to date before the move to eliminate any surprises”.

Negative Experiences

“The moving team did everything right but did miss a few spots when wrapping the furniture. Plus, some of the blankets were a bit torn. As a result, some of my furniture was damaged and scratched during transportation. Even though Bellhop promised to make up for this accident, I can’t help but feel disappointed”.

“Unfortunately, I had to face a random system malfunction, where my move booking turned out to be invalid. Bellhop offered to reschedule my move, but the closest available date was too late for me. Sadly, I had to search for some other moving company, which was stressful as my move was time-pressing.”

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