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Store Description

Allmodern aims to deliver stylish furniture for your home with the tastiest pricing. Basically, it allows you to furnish your house without giving your budget a hard time.


This store is a part of a large franchise that also owns a few more websites with stylish home products. They run sales and list products with the lowered pricing making your furniture shopping more affordable. They call it the real-life pricing, which appears to be true when it comes to choosing a budget-friendly bed or a sofa for your living room.

Pros & Cons

  • Every product has great pricing, very affordable
  • Huge selection, you can get literally anything for your home
  • Convenient website and check out process
  • Financing options, loyalty program, and constant sales
  • It’s mass market production, not exclusive
  • Reviews state that you may face late shipments
  • Not every product may be in stock due to the huge selection

Editorial Rating

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Product quality★★★★ (4)
Fair product quality evaluation is crucial while furniture shopping. Allmodern is a great website that makes stylish furniture affordable. Their product quality is equal to the pricing range that you see. It means that you won’t get custom designed and high-profile furniture there, but you’ll be able to get decent products for the offered pricing. The overall product quality can be compared to IKEA or any other franchise stores offering low-budget solutions. You won’t regret getting something on Allmodern, but it’s fair to admit that their furniture is not designed to last for decades.
Pricing★★★★ (5)
Affordable pricing for every piece of their selection. Getting yourself a TV stand under $100 is super affordable considering the average pricing of $200 in regular stores. The store also offers a loyalty program that unlocks the free shipping for any item on the store, exclusive perks and -25% discount for the In-home services. Or you can just open an Allmodern Credit Card with no annual fee. With this card, you can either get a 3% cashback on every purchase or get financing for up to 36 months. Considering these features, you can make your shopping experience on AllModern even cheaper.
Delivery★★★★ (4)
They offer a free shipping feature for any order over $49. The products are shipped every single day. However, note that some reputable reviews state that their orders can sometimes ship later than promised. AllModern can give you faster shipping for more than 1,000 available products. Just look for the special note on the product page. Please note that the store may have some special delivery rules applied for sofas, large fixtures, and home improvement products. Usually, these products have special notes on the page.
Value for money★★★★★ (4)
The money vs quality ratio is excellent. Affordable pricing with average quality and no custom designing applied. Shopping on AllModern will give you precisely what you’re looking for: budget-friendly furnishing with IKEA-like products.
Website ease of use★★★ (4)
The website navigation is convenient, but you can sometimes get lost in the vast selection of sections and products. Considering the fact that they offer a special section with the room ideas and an ability to filter products by style, AllModern is quite easy to use.
Product information★★★★ (5)
AllModern offers an extensive list of information for every product in the store. Usually, you’ll find all the dimensions and specifications no matter whether you’re looking at the sofa product page or dining table description. The product page also gives you instructions on the protection plan and offers the FAQ and review sections. This will help you get the customers’ feedback and evaluate the product you like before actually purchasing it.
Product images★★★★★ (4)
The product gallery is quite rich. You can review the products from different angles and see how it looks in the room among the other interior elements. Usually, they give you two pictures in one frame, so you can compare the look from different angles and build a more detailed picture in your mind.
Product options★★★★ (4)
Even though their products are not custom-built, they still offer you sofas, beds, chairs, etc. in different colors and sizes. Whenever you try to purchase a bed, you’ll be asked to choose the sizing (queen, 2-person, etc.) and whenever you start shopping for a sofa, you’ll be able to select among available color options. This doesn’t make a lot of customizations possible, but it still makes it easier for a customer to find something to his liking.
Support★★★★ (4)
Allmodern customer experience agents work via phone and can offer you their services according to the following schedule:
  • Mon – Fri: 8AM – midnight
  • Sat: 8AM – 8PM
  • Sun: 9AM – 6PM
Unfortunately, they don’t have an online real-time chat. Also, calling them will always work better than emailing.
Warranty★★★ (3)
They offer protection plans instead of the regular warranty program. Sometimes you’ll have to pay around $70 or $100 additionally to protect your product. Not every product has information on the manufacturer’s warranty, and it makes some purchases quite risky.
Returns & Refunds★★★★ (4)
You can return the product within 30-day after original purchase. The shipping costs will be deducted, and you’ll get the refund to your original form of payment. Make sure you save the original packaging to make the return possible. You can report the damage upon product arrival, and AllModern will review the claim. Wrong items and incomplete order claims are also carefully reviewed by the customer service department on the Return page.
Discounts/coupons★★★★★ (5)
AllModern runs a lot of sales and offers significant discounts. Their loyalty program and financing options are complementing your shopping experience.
Payment options★★★★ (4)
You can pay with the Credit Card or PayPal. You can also use your gift card or promo code during the checkout.

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Up to 55 % OFF

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Product range

AllModern offers a huge selection of products. To put it simply you can get almost any interior and home improvement element for your home.

What makes this store good

– Pricing
The most significant benefit that this store offers is pricing. The brand positioning is based on the lowest possible pricing for modern furniture units.

– Selection
Allmodern offers a huge variety of products. Furniture units like beds, chairs, sofas, and desks complement the home improvement products like bathroom sinks, kitchen faucets, and floor tiles.

– Sales
They not only offer cheap pricing but support it with their ‘Sale’ section on the front page. You can easily access the selection of discounted products at any time of the week. They constantly update this section, and they always have promo discounts. If you carefully review their monthly discounts, you’ll be able to buy everything you need with even better pricing.

– Room Ideas
Allmodern decided to go the ‘IKEA way.’ They created a whole section with the room ideas that you can review and find the furniture fitting these ideas. It’s an excellent way for customers to save on interior design services. Consider it an additional bonus to your purchases.

AllModern Furniture


This store should be your first stop in furniture hunting when you have a tight budget or simply want to pay less while furnishing your place. If you watch out for the sales, discounts, their promotional and financing programs, you’ll be able to get a bed or a sofa almost twice cheaper than on the other websites. Let’s review the price ranges for popular positions:
  • Sofas start at $280
  • Coffee tables start at $50
  • Beds start at $150
  • Dining tables start at $85
  • Chandeliers start at $71
  • Kitchen Sinks start at $135
With AllModern you’ll be able to furnish your place under $1000. It’s affordable, it’s stylish, and the selection is rich.

Is this shop legit?

This store has a 8.45 grade on the ResellerRatings website. This makes this store legit and reputable. The same company runs more than 3 stores and manages this whole franchise making it a high-profile corporation with a large scale and brand awareness. They are also accredited by Better Business Bureau with the A+ score.


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?
You don’t need an account to proceed with your purchase. However, participating in loyalty programs is impossible without the Allmodern account.
2Can I track my order after the purchase?
Sure, you can track your order in the MyOrder section.
3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?
Yes, once the product is shipped, you’ll be notified.
4What delivery services they use?
They use UPS and FedEx.
5Do they have location restrictions?
Allmodern store ships to US and Canada.
6Do they offer gift cards?
You can order gift cards. The minimum amount is $200, and the maximum amount is $500. However, you can always contact the support department to increase the gift card amount.