What Is AceableAgent: Is It a Legit Real Estate School?

AceableAgent is an online real estate school that helps future realtors get their licenses. AceableAgent also offers continuing education courses and professional development courses. The company covers a ton of information and helps customers prepare for final exams. Plus, AceableAgent shares useful tools and practical exercises that can help students prepare for real-world situations and challenges.

AceableAgent operates online only, giving access to an impressive information base with just a touch of a button. The real estate courses by AceableAgent are currently available in 12 states, but the company is planning to expand.

Sadly, AceableAgent is not accredited by ARELLO or IDECC. That being said, the company’s NY premium course package is accredited by The NYS Board of Real Estate. The Texas package is TREC accredited. Additionally, AceableAgent has an excellent reputation, thousands of positive online reviews, and over 4K followers on Facebook. AceableAgent also has high exam passage rates, which proves that the company is legitimate and safe.

What Students Say About Aceable: Reviews & Ratings

There are many AceableAgent reviews online, making it easier for new customers to make up their minds. The company has a 4.9-star rating on TrustPilot (based on over 5K customer reports). Needless to say, AceableAgent can boast of numerous happy clients.

Many customers note that the AceableAgent real estate education platform offers all the needed information for successful exams, plus countless extras:

“It’s easy to use and the practice tests really prepare you for the exam”


“The videos, games, quizzes, flashcards, and practice tests are all above and beyond what any other course offers as well.” (source)

Students also note that AceableAgent’s courses are well-structured and allow for easy comprehension during studying:

“I LOVE Aceable Agent for the excellent organization of useful information presented in an easy way to learn and retain the information”


“Aceable Agent is truly a great resource for studying Real Estate. The material is very comprehensive.”

As for the complaints, most of them are centered around the flaws in the material. Some customers report typos, and others say there’s too much reading for their taste. While the company regularly works on proofreading the material, the second complaint is strictly subjective and depends on each student’s preferences.

In Which States Does AceableAgent Operate?

AceableAgent currently operates in 12 states. They include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

How Much Does AceableAgent Cost?

AceableAgent Reviews

AceableAgent offers a variety of courses, including pre-license education, continuing education, post-license training, and professional development courses. Prices may vary, but readers can find several examples below to get at least a general idea of how affordable (or not) AceableAgent is.

Pre-license courses:

  • Arizona Real Estate Course starts at $425
  • California Real Estate Course starts at $119
  • Colorado Real Estate Course starts at $299
  • Online Florida Real Estate Course starts at $79
  • Online Georgia Real Estate Course starts at $215
  • Online Michigan Real Estate Course starts at $155
  • Online New York Real Estate Course starts at $215
  • Online North Carolina Real Estate Course starts at $475
  • Online Pennsylvania Real Estate Course starts at $240
  • South Carolina Real Estate Course starts at $455
  • Tennessee Real Estate Course starts at $195
  • Online Texas Real Estate Course (TREC Provider #701048) starts at $420
  • Online Virginia Real Estate Course starts at $140
  • Washington Broker Licensing Course starts at $215

Real estate continuing education courses by AceableAgent start at $24. They include the Texas Continuing Education Real Estate Courses, the New York Real Estate Salesperson CE Package, and the Georgia Continuing Education Course.

The state-approved post-licensing courses by AceableAgent start at $159.

And the professional development courses start at $79.

AceableAgent Course Format

Here’s the good news: all courses by AceableAgent are presented online and have a self-paced format. The information can be accessed via one’s phone, computer, or tablet. This makes AceableAgent an excellent option for stay-at-home parents, busy employees, and anyone who wants to study at their own pace and anywhere they wish.

AceableAgent courses include text info, videos, real estate glossaries, study guides, math formulas, level assessments, tests, and topic summaries.

How Many Chapters Are In the AceableAgent Course?

The number of chapters depends on each particular course and state in which customers are going to take it.

How Long Does AceableAgent Course Take?

On average, AceableAgent courses take about 2 months. However, the duration will depend on multiple factors, including the course type, the student’s pace, how well customers pass the tests, etc.

Additional Courses & Training

Extra courses by AceableAgent include continuing education, post-license courses, and professional development courses.

Real Estate Post-Licensing Course

The post-licensing course by AceableAgent goes beyond the basics and allows new realtors to keep learning while practicing. All post-license online courses are state-approved and cover an impressive range of info. It’s also worth mentioning that the information is presented in an interactive style, allowing for better comprehension.

At the time of writing this AceableAgent review, the company was offering one post-licensing service – the Texas Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE) Courses. They include multiple SAE bundles and courses. Prices start at $159 for courses and $30 for legal updates.

Customers note that AceableAgent’s post-licensing courses are comprehensible and easily accessible, allowing for more flexibility when combining studying with day-to-day life:

“My schedule is hectic with my current job and taking care of my mother. I am amazed that now I am using Aceable Agent for some of my post-license courses. I am able to study when I can online and they make sure you know it when you take an exam.” (source)

Real Estate Continuing Education

AceableAgent is a one-stop destination for anyone who requires continuing education to renew their estate license. These courses are state-approved, so real estate agents don’t have to worry whether AceableAgent will qualify for their license renewal. The courses are developed by industry experts, covering all the essentials and plenty of additional helpful information.

The state-approved continuing education courses are available in Texas, New York, and Georgia. Prices start at $26.

Customers say that studying with AceableAgent is easy, making further real estate education not only comprehensive but also fun:

“Aceable makes getting your license so enjoyable and I’m so thankful they are now doing continuing education. They make the reading easy and not overwhelming and include games and quizzes to keep you interested.”

Real Estate Training Courses

The professional development courses by AceableAgent include:

Million Dollar Real Estate Team, which is a 5-hour course that costs $99. This is a video package that can teach students a new, more efficient way to build a brokerage.

Proven Path, which is a 5-hour course that costs $197. It offers a unique, effective formula that can allow students to get the most out of their careers. The course also teaches how to build a pipeline of quality leads and what to do during challenging situations in a real estate business.

Listing Appointments, which is a 3-hour course that costs $79. It involves a listing presentation class that teaches students how to stand out from their competitors.

Be the Neighborhood Expert: A Video Course with Jason Edwards, which is a 3-hour course that costs $247. The price might seem too high for 3 hours, but it’s worth it. This course is curated by one of the best real estate coaches in the country. It can teach students how to effectively deal with geographical farming, avoid common (and not so common) mistakes, and rise above the competitors

Million Dollar Real Estate Team

The Million Dollar Real Estate Team is a course that teaches students how to build a brokerage based on a new approach – the Team Model. It’s a video course that lasts 5 hours in total and costs $99.

This video course is taught by industry experts Chris Watters and Bradley Pounds. They share their personal strategies that students cannot find anywhere else, allowing for a unique approach to building a brokerage. Students will also receive additional document downloads (including phone scripts, launch calendars, hiring questionnaires, etc.) to prepare them for building their independent brokerages.

Customers note that AceableAgent offers an impressive value for money, as each course is reasonably priced but packed with tons of helpful information:

“After speaking with other agents at my brokerage I was surprised to find out how much money they all spent on their courses, course materials, extra test prep, etc.”

Proven Path

Proven Path is a 5-hour course created by top real estate coaches Matt Patulski and Tim Heyl. They share proven methods and proprietary tools that can help new realtors achieve their goals faster and without making common mistakes. The course also covers typical real estate periods and teaches students what to do when things get a bit chaotic.

This course costs $197. It’s not mandatory for licensing but can provide helpful info and effective tools realtors can use daily in their practice to achieve better results. Students receive unlimited access to the materials, which means they can go back to the Proven Path course any time they want (almost like seeking advice from a knowledgeable friend).

Listing Appointments

The Listing Appointments package teaches students how to win more clients by following simple steps and making their presentations more fun and persuasive. The course costs $79 and lasts for 3 hours.

While this course is relatively short, it is packed with important information. The Listing Appointments package by AceableAgent can make any realtor’s life easier. It shares methods and tools that have been tested by time and practice.

It’s worth mentioning that this course offers a new approach to listing presentations, allowing students to introduce something innovative to the way they typically work – “Took the Listing Presentation Class with Gary Wise and Chris. The process to me made sense. I had a lot of “ah-ha” moments.”

Be the Neighborhood Expert: a Video Course with Jason Edwards

This course is among the most famous packages by AceableAgent. Curated by a top coach Jason Edwards, this course includes effective ideas and working methods on how to master geographical farming. Jason shares his expertise and unique tricks that students cannot find online, making this course a worthy investment.

The Neighborhood Expert package costs $247. It’s a 3-hour curse that students are free to take at their own pace.

Customers note that the Neighborhood Expert by AceableAgent shares all the necessary info to understand geographical farming better, plus a ton of info that can help real estate agents move to a whole new level – “Jason did a fantastic job of teaching the basics fundamentals of a successful geo farm, but then he took it to the next level with high-level details that will greatly enhance the success of my geo farm.”

Verdict: Is AceableAgent Worth the Money?

AceableAgent offers quality courses and stands behind its products, making its services worth investing in. The courses are cheaper than many of the competitors, and the exam passage rates are very high. Additionally, AceableAgent works with top experts in the field, so students get only relevant information. Finally, the courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, offering unparalleled learning flexibility. Needless to say, all these factors make AceableAgent worth trying out.


  • available online, allowing for enhanced flexibility in learning
  • money-back guarantee for failed exams in some states
  • combines information with helpful video aids for a more engaging process
  • reasonable pricing for an impressive amount of information
  • additional courses for professional development


  • available in 12 states only
  • some occasional app bugs or typos are possible

AceableAgent vs Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express and AceableAgent offer similar courses, including pre-license and continuing education. That being said, Real Estate Express covers 40 states, while AceableAgent currently operates in only 12.

Both companies have a money-back guarantee if the student doesn’t pass the test. However, it’s worth mentioning that AceableAgent has a higher pass rate than Real Estate Express.

Students also note that they have to do more reading with Real Estate Express, as most of its courses are text-based. AceableAgent courses seem more comprehensible and easier to navigate.

Both companies are excellent choices for real estate education and pre-licensing. However, each of them suits a specific learning style, and it’s up to every student to choose the most convenient one.


Where is AceableAgent based?

AceableAgent is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA.

Who owns AceableAgent?

AceableAgent was founded in 2012 by Blake Garrett.

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