Moon Pod vs Lovesac: Which is the Better Bean Bag Option?

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Lovesac vs Moon Pod

Both companies, Moon Pod and Lovesac, offer a variety of different bean bag chairs that come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

So, how do you decide which is the better choice? Keep reading…


Moon Pod’s sacs are significantly cheaper than Lovesac’s, with the latter’s prices ranging from $470-$1240. In contrast, Moon Pod’s sacs only cost $299 and $499 for “engineered for two” pod.

This difference in price is likely due to the fact that Lovesac offers more options for its bags. However, regardless of the number of options, Moon Pod’s sacs are still cheaper overall.

What Do Customers Say About Moon Pod

Customers love the comfort and versatility of Moon Pod products:

“Love my Moon Pod! It’s so comfortable and I can really feel it helping with my anxiety. The beads inside are a bit uncomfortable at first, but you quickly get used to them. It’s perfect for cuddling up with on a cold winter night. The customer service is amazing. They were so quick to respond to my questions and concerns.”

But some have found that the covers tend to attract pet hair:

“In love with my Moon pod! It is so comfortable and I can use it for so many different things. However, the cover picks up all the dog hair like a magnet, so I have had to move it to my bedroom.”

Buyers are very satisfied with the level of customer service:

“I ordered the bag from Moon Pod. The company was very professional and resolved the issue quickly and gracefully. My daughter enjoys her new chair very much.”

Moon Pod Shipping

Shipping is easy and straightforward. Moon Pod ships within 10 days and partners with well-known shipping carriers to make sure your products arrive quickly and efficiently. Plus, orders over $100 receive free shipping. With many different shipping options available, you can pick the method that best fits your needs and get your products on time.

Moon Pod Assembly

The only assembly required for this product is slipping the outer sleeve on the filled pod. It’s not difficult to do, but they recommend that you ask a friend for help while doing it to make sure you don’t damage the product.

There will be a simple instruction manual included in the shipping box. If you need any assistance with assembly, the team at Moon Pod will be happy to help.

Moon Pod Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • Outer sleeve attracts pet hair
  • Poor choice of fabric colors

What Do Customers Say About Lovesac

Customers seem to be very happy with their Lovesac furniture:

“Comfortable, stylish and comfy lovesac bean bag chair. Love it! I didn’t have to spend a lot of time choosing the right size because there are a variety of models available. It’s cool. The machine-washable covers are also a huge plus – it makes it so much more convenient and practical. And the customer service is excellent – they were very responsive and I could easily track my order once it shipped.”

Some buyers have found the exchange process to be inefficient, and believe that the price is too high for what you get:

“I love the Love Sac, but I had to exchange it for a bigger size. The process was very inefficient and took a long time. However, the quality of the product is great. It’s so comfortable, and even though the covers are excellent quality, but the price is too high.”

Lovesac Shipping

They offer free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States. Most orders will deliver in 1-4 weeks, although some custom covers may take 4-10 weeks for delivery.

Delivery typically takes much longer than expected.

Lovesac Assembly

The company offers an assembly service for its customers, which includes putting together the bean bag chairs and other furniture items.

The assembly service is available for an additional fee, and it usually takes about an hour to complete.

Lovesac Pros & Cons


  • Stylish and trendy
  • Machine-washable covers
  • Excellent customer service


  • Prices are relatively high
  • Delivery takes much longer than expected


Both Moon Pod and Lovesac offer excellent products that are comfortable and stylish. However, Moon Pod is more affordable and has quicker assembly and delivery times.

Lovesac has a wider variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, but the prices are a bit higher.



Rating 3.5
Rating 4.6

Made In: US

Made In: US, China

Free shipping: No

Free shipping: Yes

Shipping time: 10 days

Shipping time: 1-4 weeks

Warranty: One year

Warranty: Lifetime/3-years

Returns period: 14 days

Returns period: 60 days

Sacs prices: $299-$499

Sacs prices: $470-$1,240