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Considering all the pros and cons of the models that we reviewed below, we can recommend this brand as one of the best options when it comes to quality, durability and pricing. All of the mattresses they sell, will fit the majority of sleepers out there.For those shopping on a budget: you’ll be surprised with good pricing on their best selling latex + memory foam options.

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  • Value for money
  • Product variations
  • Firmness
  • Warranty
  • Edge Support
  • Motion Transfer
  • Temperature control
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  • They offer great pricing compared to similar mattresses on the market, which makes it a perfect match for those who look for great value/quality ratio.
  • Offers excellent pressure relief for back sleepers and provides great support.
  • All of their models provide you with high mobility, so you can change positions as many items as you want through the night.
  • Perfect air flow, you won’t be hot while you sleep on GhostBed.


  • Might not be the best option for couples, cause the motion is too easy to feel sometimes.
  • You can find it too firm, if you’re a side sleeper despite the fact of being quite plushy in general.
  • Heavy-wheight sleepers might need to look for better support to avoid the “stuck-in-the-bed” feeling.>

We’re dealing here with a relatively young brand, but many years of research stand behind it. The parent company (Nature’s Sleep) was established back in 2001, but the GhostBed brand was born around 2015 and started to sell mattresses based on the insights they gathered during all these years.

Right now, GhostBed also offers products like pillows, bedding, beds, frames, etc. But we will focus on the key models of their mattresses. They make four of them — Original, Luxe, Flex and Matrix. Each one has its benefits and flaws.

For example, while the original mattress is the most affordable option, the rest of their products can provide you with additional cooling, hybrid design and more of technological advancements for a few extra bucks.

We ordered and tested the most popular GhostBed mattresses to evaluate the flagship products that they offer.

Our review will focus on the key benefits of the brand itself, we’ll tell you what makes them unique and provide you with a brief overview of each model.

What Makes GhostBed Mattress Unique?

Quality of Construction

We can firmly (pun intended) say that GhostBed is geeky about bringing the best possible quality with the lowest possible price. And let’s be honest, nothing can beat this kind of combo.

All of their models are very balanced for combo sleepers (back/side or back/stomach), which makes it a great fit for a wide audience of shoppers.

Their construction allows you to bounce around without feeling stuck, which is a popular problem with this kind of mattress.

ghostbed lux


The whole idea of the GhostBed brand is bringing comfortable sleeping experience with reasonable pricing for their products and they do it well.

We found their pricing very competitive. If you study the construction, materials and the quality of sleep you get (which you can do by reading the review further), you’ll notice that the price tag is very affordable every single time.

Plus, they offer FREE nationwide shipping to any of 50 states, along with their free trial.


Every mattress owner is eligible for a 20-year limited warranty, which covers defects like indentions, cracks, foam splitting, etc.

To apply for warranty, you’ve got to make sure that your mattress doesn’t have any physical damage (other than listed among the ones eligible for the warranty itself). Also, it cannot be soiled/dirty.

Warranty will not cover any issues caused by improper handling or product misuse.

Keep in mind that their warranty is prorated, which means when your mattress is:

10 years old – GhostBed will make necessary repairs or replace the mattress, but the mattress owner will be responsible for shipping and handling fees.

11-20 years old – GhostBed will either repair the mattress or offer a replacement, where the mattress owner will have to pay around 50% of the new mattress.

You can check additional warranty information on the GhostBed FAQ page.

Top GhostBed Mattresses Reviews

As we’ve already mentioned in our brief summary, the GhostBed brand brings four options to the market of ‘bed in a box’ mattresses.

Let’s start with the most affordable option that might be considered one of the best mattresses with this price tag – the GhostBed Original.

GhostBed Original Mattress Review

The original model includes three latex layers above the memory foam. Together with the poly foam, they provide you with enough pressure relief and support your back quite great.

You may find the cover very soft, but what’s really great is that it’s breathable. Perfect.

We found it quite easy to change our position during sleep, which means this mattress offers a high mobility.

The cooling is good, but in case you tend to ‘overheat’ during sleep, you should take a look at the next models below. This one is not made specifically for that.

Suits best for combo sleepers, which means if you like to flip around from back to side, and from side to back – this might be your best bet.

After several hours of sleep, we found this mattress too firm for side sleepers. So if you like to sleep on the side, we recommend you taking a look at one of the other models below.

With the memory foam on board, we felt a good support of our lumbar region, but we did feel like we’re staying on the top of the mattress anyway, which is great.

● Best pricing for this kind of materials and quality
● Great for combo sleepers (side/back rolling around)
● Provides good lumbar support

● Too firm for side sleepers
● Temperature regulation is good, but not perfect

GhostBed Luxe Mattress Review

Basically, you’re looking at the model that offers a way better air flow to ensure ‘cooler sleeping experience’. Some may even call it the coolest bed in the world, but we had to try before approving this message, right?

The constriction of this mattress includes phase change materials and gel memory foam to ensure better temperature regulation. Plus, when you sleep on the Luxe you feel like you’re sinking a bit for a better pressure release, but not too much to feel uncomfortable about it.

Unlike the original mattress, it brings you a more luxurious feel due to the materials used.

It’s a bit more gentle than the basic model, so it might be your best bet if you’re a side sleeper and want to bring down some pressure from your shoulders and hips while you’re asleep.

● Excellent cooling, you won’t ‘overheat’ while sleeping
● Luxurious look and feel, top-notch materials
● Might fit the side sleepers, which is a rare catch

● It’s more expensive than the original mattress, someone might say it’s pricey
● Doesn’t really isolate the high level of motion

ghostbed luxe mattress

GhostBed Flex Mattress Review

This is the first hybrid model that GhostBed released with the focus on support (thanks to springs) and good temperature regulation (cooling).

Thanks to the hybrid construction, this might be a perfect choice for those looking for extra-support and for the ‘bouncy feel’.

GhostBed Flex consists of several layers, including the cooling gel memory foam and pocketed coils. Combining these two results in great pressure relief, while keeping you on top of your bed, without the feel of ‘sinking in’ (yeah, not everyone like that for sure).

This model will work great for those who prefer both back and side sleeping. Plus, it would work great for couples, cause the motion isolation works way better on this one.

● Great motion isolation, will work great for couples
● A perfect duo of coils and memory foam

● Less affordable than other models
● Someone might find it too firm

ghostbed flex

GhostBed Matrix Mattress Review

Alright, so we’re looking at the most expensive and most technologically advanced option that you can find on GhostBed. And while the price is quite high, it features an even better cooling tech and a hybrid construction to complement the ‘combo sleepers’.

This model has several layers of thermoregulating polymer above the gel memory foam, which takes care of cooling. The temperature regulation is perfect in this one.

It also includes a layer of bounce foam under the gel memory foam, which ensures a better balance between the foam and coils in this hybrid construction.

So basically, you’re looking at a perfect duo: pressure relief and satisfying support.
● Perfect for combo-sleepers due to the reasonable balance between the foam and coils (thanks to hybrid construction)
● Brings mobility to the next level with the bouncy feel
● Cooling is top-notch, you won’t find a better option for temperature regulation

● The price tag does not look affordable
● Too soft for stomach sleepers

Should I Buy the GhostBed Mattress?

You should definitely take a closer look at GhostBed and consider buying one of their best-selling models. They’re popular for a reason and here are our key takeaways on why they deserve your money: best value for the price, high-quality construction, free shipping and returns, 101-Night Sleep Trial, 20 Year Warranty and available financing options.

We believe it’s worth it, don’t you think?

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Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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