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Handcrafted mattress collections to fit your body support preferences and every price niche. You can find both affordable and expensive options among the Diamond Mattress finest mattress models. 

Considering the pros and cons of the Diamond Mattresses, we can surely say that the product is more likely to fit your needs if you’re looking for a reasonable price/quality ratio and customizable affordable options

  • Product quality
  • Value for money
  • Product variations
  • Firmness
  • Warranty
  • Edge Support
  • Motion Transfer
  • Temperature control
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  • Excellent price/quality ratio according to primary mattress reviewing communities
  • An additional layer that increases 25% of the middle section support
  • Gel memory foam provides comfort by forming a contour around your body
  • Has additional temperature regulation to improve the cooling process of the mattresses inner section 
  • Have the product line that provides customizable models of the Diamond mattresses


  • Some of their mattresses lose the structure over time, which tends to happen to the models with the memory foam. While it provides a very comfortable sleep, it’s not serving forever. 
  • Some of their models are too pricey

Taking a warm bath before retiring to bed, reading your favorite book or spending a couple of minutes doing yoga can all improve your sleep. But if your mattress is made of flimsy materials, all these bedtime routines won’t help.

Even if you’re able to catch some sleep while lying on a bad mattress, you’re likely to wake up with sore muscles on your back and neck. To find a high-quality mattress consider buying from trusted brands like Diamond Mattress.

With a history that spans for almost a century, Diamond Mattress has evolved to become a giant manufacturer in this industry. In this post, we’ll highlight some of their best mattresses and explain why they’re such a great fit.

Overview of Diamond Mattress

Since its establishment in 1946, Diamond Mattress has remained under the control of the Pennington family. Currently, its headquarters are located in Compton, California, where it continues to evolve in an attempt to meet the changing demands of consumers.

The company is continually adopting new technology and increasing personnel so as to meet its production demands. It is in this spirit of development that Diamond Mattress has shifted to a vertical integration approach for production.

Simply put; this firm now conducts a majority of its production activities in-house as opposed to outsourcing. These include making its own pocketed coils, cutting and sewing fabrics as well as the processing and convoluting its own foams.

The vertical integration approach has enabled the company to reap many benefits. For one, it’s given them a lot of flexibility as they can now customize products based on a particular customer’s request. Two, it’s given them more control when it comes to product quality and pricing.

It’s also presented them with an opportunity to get creative. They have the freedom to explore new ideas for their mattresses.

A good case in point is the patented wrapped coil system that they released at the January Las Vegas Market. With this mechanism, they increased the density of coils in the specific sections of a mattress that provide support. They also got rid of the gaps between coils in those sections that don’t need as much support. In doing so, they created a mattress that not only provides greater back support but also boosts the pressure relief.

Diamond Mattress

What Makes Diamond Mattress Unique?

Quality of Construction

All Diamond mattresses are made of premium-quality materials. Though they’re pricier than other hybrid mattresses on the market, they sport cutting-edge features that help you sleep better.

Take the Sparkle Foam for instance. You get a solid layer of foam that cradles you at night while also helping to regulate your temperature; hence keep you cool.


While most mattress manufacturers provide zero to short warranties, Diamond Mattress offers the “Forever warranty” on their GIFT (Grateful, Intention, Faith, Transformation) line and a 20-year warranty on additional models like the Rally.

Forever warranty means that the guarantee remains valid for the length of the time that mattress remains under the ownership of the original purchaser. You can check the type of coverage provided under these warranties here.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to using materials that are high-quality, Diamond also strives to use eco-friendly production materials and techniques. The fact that they carry out part of the production in-house, gives them more control over the raw materials to use and the most environmentally-friendly methods.

Top Diamond Mattresses Reviews

Diamond Mattress has 4 major product lines. These are the Grateful, Intention, Faith and Transformation mattresses. Here’s an in-depth overview of each one:

Grateful Mattress

According to the manufacturer, the Grateful is their most affordable option. However, just because it’s fairly priced doesn’t mean that it compromises on features.

It’s also a hybrid mattress, meaning it’s made up of an innerspring system and memory foam. The benefit of combining these materials is that it delivers the best of what each technology has to offer. In this case, the Grateful has an innerspring coil layer that is topped with a gel foam layer.

The base layer consists of a patented zoned support system. This layer helps to increase about 25% support to the middle section of the mattress; hence providing ample cushioning to your back.

If you’re sharing the mattress with someone else, you’ll appreciate the fact that this base layer also prevents the transfer of motion. Thus, you can sleep soundly all night long even if your partner has a tendency of tossing and turning.

While the base layer minimizes interruptions, the gel memory foam contours around your body to provide comfort. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper, this foam layer offers the utmost comfort.

Even better, the mattress comes equipped with a breathable cover to enhance circulation and provide cooling. It’s made of a stretchable and moisture-wicking material providing a more comfortable sleeping surface.

Diamond Grateful Mattress comes in 6 different sizes: Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, California King.

It’s also available in different levels of firmness ranging from plush to medium and firm. These are rated on a scale of 1 to 10. Plush is a 4, meaning it’s incredibly soft. This makes it a suitable pick for side sleepers or those who love plush mattresses that they can sink into.

The medium is rated at a 6, and is recommended for couples that have different sleep positions. This one strikes a good balance between the level of firmness and softness. The firm is a 9, meaning it has a very firm, hard feel. This is best suited for individuals who lie on their backs.


● Has cooling features to enhance comfort
● Comes with a zoned support system for additional support
● Great edge support

● Lacks online reviews that other buyers can rely on

diamond sleep

Intention Mattress

Although the Intention looks fairly similar to the Grateful, there are a couple of differences between the two. For one, Intention Mattress comes at a slightly higher price.

Two, it consists of a layer of convoluted foam underneath the stretchable knit fabric. The word convoluted is used to describe foam with a ridge design such that it forms peaks and valleys. Also known as the egg crate foam, this foam layer is lighter than typical foam and it’s meant to boost airflow.

The other features make the Intention almost identical to the Grateful. For instance, it has the same zoned support system on the base layer.

On top of this, you’ll find a 2-inch layer of HD comfort foam followed by a 1.5-inch Sparkle foam. The sparkle foam is made of graphene and hyper-conducive flakes, which provide heat-releasing benefits.

In fact, Diamond’s proprietary Sparkle foam is one of the factors that drive the price of the Intention Mattress up.

This mattress is available in the same sizes as Intention, that is, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, California King.

But when it comes to the firmness levels, this mattress is rated differently. The plush is rated as 3/10, the medium 5/10 and the firm 9/10. Thus, their plush and medium models have a softer feel.


● Equipped with the patented zoned support system
● Has an advanced temperature-regulating feature thanks to the Sparkle foam
● Great edge support

● Complains that the mattress starts to sag too quickly
● Very few reviews

Faith Mattress

The Faith Mattress is one of the pricier options of this brand. However, it has an exceptional construction that somewhat justifies the hefty price tag. We’re talking about the phase-change material (PCM) that Diamond uses to make the cover.

PCM’s have become quite popular in recent years thanks to their energy-efficient properties. Essentially, this fabric is designed to absorb the heat that you release at night. This is a handy feature for individuals who sleep hot or experience night sweats. The act of pulling away excess heat from your body means that you’ll stay stable and comfortable all night long.

Also incorporated on this mattress are the hyper-conducive sparkle foam and patented support system. Both of these are contouring layers that conform to your body’s unique needs.

The Faith Mattress is available in the same sizes and levels of firmness. However, their plush unit is rated at 2/10, their medium 4/10 and the firm 8/10.

Based on this, the plush mattress is really soft. This means that it’s best suited for lighter individuals, preferably, those who weigh 130 pounds or less.

The reason for this is that heavier individuals might find that the plush mattress does not conform as efficiently to their body shape. If you weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, the Faith Medium and Firm are better options.


● Additional back support thanks to the patented zones support system
● Has a unique PCM coating that keeps you cool all night long
● The Plush model has a soft feel that’s perfect for lighter individuals


● Loses support over time

diamond mattress

Transformation Mattress

The priciest of the bunch, the Transformation combines the best features from the Faith and Intention Mattress.

For one, it utilizes the phase-change material on the cover. This means that even if you sweat a lot at night, you’ll be able to sleep soundly as the fabric pulls away from the excess heat. Moreover, this cover features a luxury stretch knit design that contours to your body, enhancing comfort.

Secondly, it consists of Diamond’s proprietary Sparkle foam. As mentioned earlier, this layer also helps to absorb heat and disperse it away from your body.

However, the star feature of the Transformation hybrid mattress has to be the Micro-Coil system that supports more than 2000 pocketed coils.

To illustrate just how significant this feature, we’ll compare it to conventional innerspring mattresses.

A standard full mattress has a coil count of 300, 375 for a queen mattress and at least 450 for a king size. By comparison, the Transformation has over 1,000 coils, which translates to greater support.

Furthermore, other innerspring mattresses sport Bonnel, offset or continuous coils. The Transformation comes with pocket coils that not only improved firmness but also prevent motion transfer between sleepers.

Diamond mattresses come in 6 sizes and three levels of firmness, and the Transformation is no different. The plush is a 3/10, the medium a 5/10 and the firm an8/10.

● Has an advanced Micro-Coil system that enhances breathability and support
● Temperature regulation features
● Reduced motion transfer

● Too expensive

Rally Customizable Mattress

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my shopping experiences, it’s the fact that most products advertised as a one-size-fits-all never live up to their promise.

With that in mind, Diamond decided to start a line of mattresses that are customized to individual consumer needs: the Rally Mattress. As explained in the manufacturer’s website, you can have the mattress tailor-made by specifying three key aspects: comfort, core, and cover.

This factor enables you to choose a specific level of firmness. Pick between: medium, firm, and plush.

This is the happy medium between firmness and comfort. It’s recommended for individuals who:
● Switch up positions frequently in the course of the night
● Share a bed with someone
● Aren’t sure of the kind of mattress that’s right for them

This mattress has the softest finish and it’s best suited for people who:
● Sleep mainly on their side
● Have difficulty getting sleep
● Are light (weigh less than 150 lbs.)

With this mattress, you can expect a stable and supportive feel. It’s mostly recommended for people who:
● Sleep on their backs or stomachs
● Feel they need firmer support, perhaps because of health issues like back pain

The mattresses we reviewed earlier were all hybrid mattresses. However, if this is not your cup of tea, you can have them custom-make a mattress that’s designed using only foam layers. The good thing with a foam mattress is that it’s ideal for every sleep position.

Personally, I prefer the hybrid type as it combines the best features of foam and innerspring mattresses. It’s able to provide the firm feel of foam layers while also offering excellent support through the wrapped coil system.

You can also decide the type of cover to be added on your mattress. Here, you have three options to pick from:
What makes this cover unique is the use of Aqua Cool treatment, which adds a cooling feature to your mattress foam. This cover also comes with a detachable zipper and inner liner that make for easy cleaning and maintenance.

As the name suggests, this type of cover aids with body temperature regulation. It’s equipped with Cool-Touch technology that helps you sleep more comfortably.

If you’re looking for a no-frills cover, this regular model is a good option. It has a simple Cool-Release technology that serves two purposes: boosts air circulation and wicks moisture from your body.

Given the high level of customization that Diamond offers, you’re bound to find a mattress that meets your specific needs!

Should I Buy the Diamond Mattress?

The first thing you need to consider is the price. As seen from our reviews, Diamond’s collection of mattresses are relatively more expensive than others in the market. Even their cheapest- the Grateful Mattress- does not come cheap (we can help you to save money, visit our Diamond Mattress coupons page for a great discount!)

However, if you don’t mind spending on a high-end mattress that offers a good combination of comfort, support and longevity, the Diamond Mattress is a great choice.

One thing that sets this brand apart is that they make some of the materials from scratch. Instead of outsourcing production, they make their own coils, and foam layers. The benefit of this is that it enables them to use premium quality materials. You can even opt for a customized mattress that’s tailored to your taste and preference.

The best part is: Diamond offers a long 20-year warranty on their Rally models and a Forever warranty on their Grateful, Intention, Faith and Transformation mattresses. But keep in mind that this warranty is only given to the original purchaser of the product in question.

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Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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