Lululemon Mirror Review

Is The Lululemon Mirror Worth It?

Lululemon Mirror Review

Despite a somewhat higher price point, the Lululemon is definitely worth buying, especially if you want to take your at-home workouts to a new level. This innovative mirror can make your home gym feel like a real one, as it can be used for tons of cool workouts and even one on one sessions with personal trainers.

How Does Lululemon Mirror Work?

This Lululemon’s virtual fitness mirror allows users to follow the workouts and check their own moves simultaneously. It can make sure that you won’t miss your trainer’s moves while checking your form and getting feedback (kind of like a live workout session but in the comfort of your home).

Another cool thing about the Mirror is that it learns from your preferences and workouts and can implement real-time optimizations. The algorithm will study your results and will create a personalized program just for you.

How Much Does A Lululemon Mirror Cost?

Lululemon gym mirror


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The price starts at $1,495. Each mirror comes with the MIRROR membership. It costs $39 a month and comes with a one-year minimum commitment (which begins automatically when you receive your order). The membership offers various workouts, including live classes, personal training, and family exercises.

Lululemon Mirror Pros

  • allows users to control their bodies better during workouts by seamlessly comparing their moves with the trainer;
  • an impressive variety of workouts that include one on one sessions as well;
  • allows users to play their favorite songs;
  • sleek and can be used easily even in smaller spaces;
  • engaging and fun workouts;
  • can track your vitals and calorie use.

Lululemon Mirror Cons

  • focuses mostly on cardio and pilates workouts, which may not be suitable for some users;
  • may be too costly for some shoppers;
  • no touchscreen, which might make using it less convenient.

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Lululemon Mirror vs. Peloton

Even though Peloton is a rather famous fitness brand that also offers workout programs, the Lulumelon Mirror has a bit more to boast of.

First of all, the Mirror is cheaper than the Peloton bike or treadmill. Additionally, the Mirror offers a wider range of exercise programs, live classes, and one on one trainer sessions.

The Lululemon Mirror also has a much smaller footprint than Peloton equipment, which means it can be used even in smaller living spaces.

And last but not least, you can watch your moves with the Mirror and thus, have more chances of doing the exercises correctly. You can compare what you do with the trainer’s moves and correct your mistakes right there on the spot.

Lululemon Mirror vs. Tonal

Lululemon Mirror


When trying to choose between Lululemon Mirror and Tonal, one has to consider their workout preferences and what they are trying to achieve. Tonal is more focused on strength exercises. Mirror, on the other hand, offers more cardio and fun group workouts.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Mirror is cheaper than Tonal (plus, the workout subscription is less costly too). Additionally, the Mirror has a bigger screen. It’s also more lightweight and portable.

Lululemon Mirror vs. Echelon Reflect

When comparing Mirror and Echelon Reflect, the first thing you will probably notice is the variety of workouts – the Mirror offers more options.

At the same time, Echelon offers a cheaper monthly plan (pre-recorded workouts), which might work for those who want to save a buck or two on their fitness subscription.

For live classes and improved motivation, the Mirror might be a better option. The subscription includes those, while you will have to pay an extra fee for live classes with the Echelon Reflect.

Who Makes Interactive Mirrors at Lululemon?

Lululemon interactive mirrors are created by Nobal Technologies, a tech company. It’s a Canadian start-up based in Calgary.