Inside Weather vs Burrow: What is the Difference?

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Inside Weather vs Burrow

Both companies offer a wide range of furniture, from sofas to modular systems, and they both have a commitment to quality.

Let’s compare these two popular furniture stores.


The prices of both stores’ furniture items are quite similar. Both stores have a range of prices for beds, for example, that goes from $899 to $1450 for Inside Weather and from $835 to $4585 for Burrow.

However, there are more expensive models available at Inside Weather that are not found at Burrow and the price difference between the two stores’ sofa ranges widely, with sofas at Inside Weather costing anywhere from $2025 to $4850, whereas sofas at Burrow only cost between $895 and $1395.

This disparity is likely due to the fact that materials used to make the furniture at Inside Weather are better quality than those used by Burrow.


Some customers are very happy with the quality of Inside Weather furniture, reporting that the pieces are well-made and look great.

“I’m thrilled with my purchase from Inside Weather furniture. The furniture is top-notch quality and the customer service team was great to work with in addressing a slight shipping delay. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking out fashionable and well-made furniture.”

Others have had issues with quality, especially with regards to the finishes on some of the pieces.

Customers who have purchased Burrow furniture generally seem to be happy with the quality of the furniture. However, some customers feel that the furniture is overpriced. The modularity of the furniture is a great feature, but many customers feel that it is not worth the premium price tag:

“The quality of Burrow furniture is great. The couch is def comfortable and supportive, although it is on the firmer side. I do think they are a bit overpriced, but if you really value the modularity, it may be worth the premium.”

Some customers have complained about a strong chemical smell coming from their Burrow furniture. This may be due to the materials used in the construction of the furniture, such as foam cushions or fabric. The good news is that the smell should eventually dissipate over time. In the meantime, you can try airing out your furniture by opening windows or placing it in a well-ventilated room.

Assembly services

First, Inside Weather offers a much wider range of services than Burrow. This includes everything from simple furniture assembly to more complex tasks like installing custom shelving or closet systems. In addition, they also offer design consultation services to help customers choose the best products for their needs.

Burrow, on the other hand, specializes exclusively in furniture assembly. They do not offer any additional services beyond this, nor do they provide any kind of design consultation. As a result, their prices are generally lower than those of Inside Weather. However, customers who need assistance with anything beyond basic furniture assembly may find themselves better.

What do customers say about Inside Weather vs Burrow?

About Inside Weather

“Our family is really happy with our sofa! It’s comfortable, looks great, and is perfect for lounging. We would def recommend it to others.”

“I purchased two Inside Weather chairs. They have a great modern look that matches my style, and they’re also quite comfortable thanks to the memory foam cushions.”

About Burrow

“I bought a Burrow sofa. The build quality is excellent, and the materials used are top-notch. I had no issues assembling the couch on my own, and it has been very comfortable to sleep on. My cat also seems to enjoy it, as she often likes to curl up underneath.”

“We bought a two-seater sofa that came in several pieces. We received the corner piece one day, followed by a side piece, then another end piece. Finally, we got the chaise. This made for a very strange and frustrating delivery process. However, once we finally got the sofa put together, it wasn’t too bad. But companies need to solve their delivery problems or they will lose customers.”

Verdict about Inside Weather

The customers seem to be happy with the quality and style of furniture available from Inside Weather.

However, some have had issues with the quality of the finishes on some pieces.

The company offers a wide range of assembly and installation services, as well as design consultation, making it a great option for those looking for help furnishing their home.

Verdict about Inside Burrow

If you’re looking for a furniture store with great brand recognition, a wide range of fabric options, then Burrow is a great option.

However, some customers have complained about a strong chemical smell coming from the furniture, which may be due to the materials used in its construction.

Additionally, the company specializes exclusively in furniture assembly and does not offer any additional services beyond this.

It doesn’t offer as many discounts and promotions as Inside Weather, and it doesn’t have as strong of customer support.


Overall, both Inside Weather and Burrow offer high-quality furniture that is stylish and comfortable.

Inside Weather offers a wider range of services beyond just furniture assembly, such as design consultation and custom shelving installation. They also have a greater selection of products to choose from.

Burrow specializes exclusively in furniture assembly, and their prices are generally lower as a result. However, customers who need assistance with anything beyond basic furniture assembly may find themselves better served by Inside Weather.

Inside Weather


Rating 4.7
Rating 4.7

Made In: US

Made In: US

Free shipping: No

Free shipping: Yes

Shipping time: 2-12 days

Shipping time: 1-2 weeks

Warranty: One year

Warranty: One year

Returns period: 14 days/365 days

Returns period: 30 days

Sofa prices: $2,025 – $4,850

Sofa prices: $835-$4585

Chair prices: $314 – $950

Chair prices: $295-$2090

Bed prices: $899 – $1450

Bed prices: $895-$1395