Horizon Fitness T303 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness T303

Pros: What We Like About the Horizon T303

  • a built-in couch to 5k program, which enables access to a 9-week system with 30 minutes workouts that combine walking and running
    Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitoring
  • a very quiet motor that allows having an intense workout without disturbing the rest of your household
  • access to the AFG Pro Fitness App
  • the speed range of 0-12 mph, which is more than adequate to attain any fitness goals for both beginners and advanced runners
  • custom interval buttons
  • three-zone variable cushioning that helps to alleviate the impact
  • thick silicone belt of 1.4 mm
  • a reliable warranty for frame, motor, parts, and electronics

Cons: What We didn’t Like About the Horizon T303

  • the motor power doesn’t support extended running or heavy training
  • the treadmill has a 12% incline, which is less than a standard 15%
  • the console is overloaded with lots of buttons and icons

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Many customers have found the Horizon T303 to be a very compelling offer that is worth the attention. People note this treadmill is simple and reliable, which is more than enough for most consumers: “So far, this treadmill is excellent for running and walking. The incline works excellent even at top speed 12mph…”

However, some reviews indicate the T303 is not the best option on the market, as the manufacturer probably uses low-cost materials for its production. Here’s what people say about this particular machine: “I had a Horizon treadmill before and it was awesome. This thing is cheap and after 90 days parts have already gone bad…”

Is Horizon T303 Good for Running?

Yes. It is excellent for both simple running routine and interval training. You can walk, jog or run sprints on the T303 in comfort, without leaving your home.

How Much Does the Horizon T303 Treadmill Weigh?

The Horizon T303 treadmill weighs 194 lbs, slightly more than the previous Horizon machines (T101 and T202). Yet, this treadmill also can withstand a lot of weight, up to 325 lbs.

How Large Is the Horizon T303 Treadmill?

The deck size of the T303 is 20” x 60”, which is longer than the usual residential treadmill, so you will have to consider some extra area needed for accommodating this machine.

What Are the Folded Dimensions of the Horizon T303 Treadmill?

The folded dimensions of the Horizon T303 treadmill is 47″ L x 34″ W x 65″ H.