One of the most preferred relaxing spots in one’s house is the couch. Your go-to place to unwind. Unfortunately, as the days pass, your couch will have stains from food leftovers, spilled liquids, oil smudges, dirt, pet’s hair, and other materials.

Clean couch

You want your couch to remain clean and cozy.

There are several ways and measures you can follow to clean your couch. Let’s go through some of them.

Steam Your Couch

Steam cleaning is nowadays the norm when it comes to deep cleaning for households and institutions.

It provides evident benefits for all your home residents, people, and pets alike.
Following is a listing of major benefits you can gain applying proper steam cleaning.

Eliminates Unseen Threats

You can’t see with your naked eyes the lurking danger within the fabric of your couch. Mold, viruses, bacteria, mildew, and other sorts of infectious germs, all pose a threat to you and your family members.

Steam’s main strong point is that it penetrates the fabric’s pores.

It gets rid of all minuscule elements like dirt, residues, bacteria, and others with each swipe of hot steam. The hot vapor effectively kills germs.

You can use either an iron steamer or a handheld garment steamer. You should steam every inch of the couch, and make sure the steam is close enough to the surface for it to penetrate the fabric properly.

Eliminates Pets’ Nasty Odors

Your pets are family members, but that doesn’t mean you’ve to let go of a clean odorless couch and let their odors ruin your movie night with zoo-like stenches emanating from your couch.

Steam cleaning will eliminate all odors from your couch, as well as giving your pets a healthy environment free from fleas, bugs’ eggs, or larvae.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Steam cleaning only needs water. How cost-efficient is that?

It’s tender on the fabric of your couch. No need for chemicals or detergents. This alone makes it a perfect option, it keeps your couch deodorized and sanitized without any health hazards for you, your family, and pets.


Steam cleaning your couch is less time consuming than other traditional cleaning methods. It’ll help you get rid of stubborn stains in an easy and effective manner.

Steam cleaning improves household residents’ health by reducing allergy risks, unlike traditional cleaning with chemicals that come with potential health hazards.

You’ll save money. No need for expensive detergents, solvents, chemicals, and sponges.

You’ll clean your couch in an easy and safe way, investing in a steam cleaner whether a handheld or a full-fledged steamer is worthwhile. This is your ultimate utility to keep your couch free from unwanted elements.

Vacuum Your Couch

Usually, vacuums come with an upholstery extension. In order to remove any crumbs of any kind. Vacuum the entire couch, the body, arms, back, skirts, and cushions.

If the couch’s cushions have removable covers, take them off, wash them, dry them, and put them back on.

If the vacuum has a crevice arm, use it for hard-to-get places like corners, seams, and buttons.

Vacuum coach

For excellent cleaning outcome using a vacuum, you can make use of the following process.

  1. With a clean dry cloth, or a clean brush, dust away dirt, and any attached debris.
  2. Use baking soda, just sprinkle some over the entire couch, and leave it to sit for like 30 minutes.
  3. Deep-clean the couch using any sort of safe cleaner according to the fabric care code.
  4. Vacuum the entire couch using the brush arm and wipe away the baking soda.

You should do this like every three months or so to keep your couch free from germs, food, and pet odors.

How to Remove Stains from the Couch

Fabrics are not the same. Each fabric has a recommended cleaning method. There are specific codes referring to the elements to be used while cleaning, failing to follow such codes can harm the fabric.

The codes used are:

  • X – only vacuum and brush the fabric
  • S – you can use solvent-based chemicals to clean the fabric
  • W/S – water and solvent-based cleaners are both safe to use on the fabric
  • W – use water for cleaning and nothing else

Once you know which cleaning element to be used according to the couch’s fabric code, go ahead and follow the following steps.

  1. Spread the cleaner directly on the stained area of the cloth.
  2. Rub the stain from the outside inwards to prevent the stain from spreading.
  3. Once the stain is removed, rinse the spot thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  4. It’s a good idea to use a hair-dryer to completely dry out the dampness.
  5. Repeat the process for every stain on the couch.

Get Rid of Your Pet’s Hair

Your beloved pet is shedding hair all over your couch. It makes you sneeze, you keep feeling the irritating hair on your face, and it annoys you, right!

Here’s a cheap effective way to deal with this. Get a pair of rubber gloves, and start caressing your couch. Keep rolling the hair till it forms a ball bundle and just throw it in the bin.

This easy-to-do trick will take out this problem in a few minutes’ time, and will give you a stress-relieving kind of exercise to have a hairless couch.

Ways to Maintain Your Couch

You’ve invested in your couch. You want it to last for years. Below are some important things you can do to maintain your couch.

Generally speaking, you need to regularly clean your couch, keep it firm, and prevent damage.

Keep the Couch Clean

Steam-clean or vacuum regularly.

Deal with stains in a timely fashion, don’t let them set as they’ll be harder to remove. If the couch is made of leather, treat stains immediately using the proper leather cleaning agents.

Remove your pet’s hair on a regular basis.

Keep the Couch Firm

Couches tend to lose the original firmness by time. You can do simple action to preserve the firmness.

Change the seating spot every now and then. This will prevent the couch from having clumps, and avoid dirt from collecting in one specific spot.

Give the cushions some poking and prodding to do a fluffing process, this will appropriately reallocate the stuffing in an even way, making them firm.

Flip the seating cushions occasionally, this will maintain form and firmness.

Prevent Couch Damage

Couch damage
You can prevent damage to your couch by doing some basic things.

For leather couches, you need to cover them while not in use. Don’t put them in direct sunlight, this is one of the main reasons for couch damage.

When you throw a party, try moving the couch or drape a cover over it to avoid stains.

Avoid sitting on the couch’s armrest, this will cause damage to the couch.

Final Words

To really make your couch a safe and a comfortable spot for all your family members including pets, you need to keep your couch in good shape.

Keep your couch clean, firm, and damage-free by following the mentioned tips and methods, and you’ll achieve the cleanness level required to enjoy your time relaxing on your beloved couch.

Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US and had a chance to see this industry from the inside. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US and had a chance to see this industry from the inside. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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