Leather care

How to Care for Leather Furniture

If you’re reading this article, you most probably decided to get yourself a leather sofa or an armchair at Looking for how to’s on caring is a smart idea, you’re on the right track. Owning a leather furniture piece […]

ship furniture

How to Ship Furniture: From A to Z

Shipping furniture can be a tedious task for shipping companies let alone individuals like you and me. Sometimes it gets difficult to manage and understand the process of packing and shipping furniture especially since it’s a several-step semi-complicated process. But […]

whitewash furniture

How to Whitewash Furniture

Whitewashing has quickly become a trend when it comes to revamping your home. It adds a beautiful feel to your space – maintaining the natural warmth of wood while lightening up the overall mood. Whitewashing wooden furniture can help you […]